Underfloor Heating Quedgeley

Are you looking to install an innovative heating system under your floor? If so, KL Plumbing and Heating proudly offer underfloor heating Quedgeley. Underfloor heating (UFH) is a heating system that you can install beneath your floor. Unlike your standard radiators that operate through air convection, these systems warm up the entire surface of your floor. KL Plumbing and Heating provide affordable underfloor heating services in Gloucester, Stroud, Quedgeley and Cheltenham. Whether your property is old or new, we can install your UFH which works well with various floor types. Call Us today to discuss your needs.

What are the benefits of Underfloor Heating?

High efficiency

Unlike radiators, UFH uses reduced flow temperatures. It provides efficient heating for all your rooms and covers a large surface area.


UFH systems are great for families with children. Installed beneath the floor, they do not have any exposed sharp edges or hot surfaces. They are also safe for people with asthma because they do not create dust movements and draughts.

Great for an open plan living

UFH does not take up wall space which makes them ideal for small rooms or open plan spaces.

Underfloor heating types

There are two types of UFH, electric or ‘dry’ and water-based or ‘wet’ systems. Dry UFH works by having a narrow electrical wire installed beneath the floor. When it is switched on, the wire heats the floor which warms the room. Wet UFH operates by using warm water flowing through underfloor pipes. It suits various projects including single areas, new builds and renovations.

Electric mat (dry systems)

Dry systems can be an ideal solution for new builds, renovations and single areas. They can be laid directly on top of existing floors to provide an excellent heat output. Furthermore, since these systems are the least invasive, they are the most favoured option for installation in a single or small area.

Hot-water (wet systems)

Wet systems can be a great solution for joisted floors. Pressing the warming tube through drilled joists makes for a very efficient heat transfer. Our experienced plumbers can install wet system underfloor heating at competitive prices. For a free quote call us today on 01452 424141.

Why choose KL Plumbing and Heating for Underfloor Heating Services in Gloucester?

At KL Plumbing and Heating we provide underfloor heating Quedgeley, Stroud, Glooucester, Cheltenham. We take pride in being able to offer our customers effective and high-quality UFH services at competitive prices. To arrange a quotation or discuss your needs please contact us. Our professional and helpful staff will offer you a free no obligation quotation.

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